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Would you like to know how computers REALLY work “under the hood?”

What’s “under the hood” of your computer, smartphone, tablet,
and other smart devices.

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You might know how to program in a high-level language like JavaScript, Python, PHP, and so on, but do you know what’s happening at the machine level? Have you wondered what pointers and references actually are, or the difference between the stack and the heap, and for that matter, what a “stack overflow” is?

Would anyone be interested in a meetup seminar or two where I explain how your computer works “under the hood,” and maybe even walk you through a little programming at the chip level with hands-on exercises? Let me know.

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[…] I ended up deep in very enjoyable conversations with all sorts of people, and ended up talking about all sorts of things from AI ethics and Timnit Gebru, to C++ programming and the Deadly Diamond of Death, how I got into developer relations, and my proposed talk for how computers work “under the hood,” complete with a little assembly progra…. […]

This is very interesting to me. However, I live in California not Florida. Is there any chance you might live stream this content?

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