Artificial Intelligence Meetups Tampa Bay

Mark “The SocialCode x Tampa” on your calendar — Thursday, September 7th!

The SocialCode x Tampa is a few weeks away, but if you’re into AI and networking with Tampa’s top technology people in one of Tampa’s top venues, you’ll want to put this on your calendar right now.

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The venue

The first reason you should attend is venue: Hyde House Public Studio’s Black Box Auditorium. It’s a great space that rarely sees a Tampa Bay tech event, and it’s going to be amazing.

The speaker lineup

The second reason you should attend is the speaker lineup:

Craig Bosco, Data Scientist at Gale Healthcare: From Data to Decisions: harnessing predictive analytics for effective healthcare staffing.

Craig Bosco is a lifelong learner with a passion for math and technology, as well as finding innovative solutions. After working in multiple industries and starting his own business, he’s found a calling with Data Science and has spent the last five years developing his skills to apply programmatic solutions for hosted services and predictive modelling. Telling a story with data is his expertise, and he loves solving difficult problems.

Craig will discuss how predictive analytics can play a part in healthcare staffing, the role of AI in automation and operational excellence, and how different types of AI can be used to augment the skills of a limited workforce. In the healthcare world, where resources are always limited, AI can be a multiplying force, filling in gaps where human time may be limited and providing an extra set of eyes where getting the right answer is critical.

James Gress – Generative AI Director at Accenture: Exploring the groundbreaking realm of Generative AI

James is a Generative AI Director for Accenture, bringing over 30 years of software delivery experience, leading global teams to break new ground in Generative AI solutions. James has a strong foundation in AI, DevOps, Architecture, and Modern Engineering practices spanning various projects and across numerous industries, technologies, and software platforms.

James’ expertise doesn’t end with software architecture and creating custom automation tools, he also takes great pleasure in exploring the groundbreaking fields of the Metaverse and Generative AI during his personal time. This blend of professional accomplishment and personal fascination embodies an undying dedication to the ever-changing landscape of technology.

James’ talk, “Talk Track” will involve a captivating exploration into the groundbreaking realm of Generative AI. In this insightful session, James will elucidate how various organizations are harnessing the power of Generative AI to drive innovation in their products and enhance operational efficiency. This session will also explore and demonstrate how we can use multiple technologies across the entire software delivery lifecycle.

Witness firsthand how this revolutionary tool is reshaping the coding process by generating code lines and blocks, offering an up-close look at how Generative AI is transforming our workplaces and the potential it holds for the future of technology. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a glimpse of the technological revolution that’s just around the corner!

Joey deVilla, Senior Developer Advocate at Okta: Centaurs vs. Minotaurs: the human-AI synergy

(Yup, I’m speaking at this event!)

If you hear an accordion at a programming presentation, chances are that Joey de Villa is the one playing, presenting, or both. He’s a Senior Developer Advocate at Okta, where he specializes in supporting mobile and Python developers.

He’s also the editor of Tampa Bay’s tech blog, Global Nerdy, home of the Tampa Bay Tech Events list, and organizes Tampa’s AI and Apple coding meetups. When he’s not programming or talking to programmers, he plays in a band called the Tropical Sons, does daily 10K bike rides around his neighborhood, plays tabletop and video games, and is always looking for interesting new places to hang out.

Joey’s talk, “Centaurs vs. Minotaurs,” is a metaphor used in AI circles for two different approaches to human-AI synergy. In the “centaur” relationship (human head/horse body), the human is in charge and the AI follows its orders. Conversely in the “minotaur” relationship (bull head/human body), the AI is making the decisions and the human follows its orders.

SocialCode events and Oscar Technology

The final reason you should attend: Oscar Technology have a great track record with tech events, having held great SocialCode mixers in the U.S. and the U.K. If you remember the evening party at Ulele after the first day of Civo Navigate North America back in February, you’re remembering an Oscar Technology event!

It’s happening on Thursday, September 7, and it’s free to attend!

Join us as we kick off September with a great event where you’ll learn more about AI and its applications, mix and mingle with Tampa Bay’s tech scene, get an opportunity to speak to the tech recruiters at Oscar, and have a grand old time in an great venue!

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