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New gear and a screen protector that might be over-promising

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Pictured above is the back of the packaging for Samcorn’s 9H tempered glass screen protector for smartphones. I chuckled at the “Protection of God” sticker that seals the box — these screen protectors are good, but they’re not that good.

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Of more interest to me is what they’re protecting: a Google Pixel 7 phone with 128GB storage, pictured above. It’s not the newest Pixel anymore, but its specs are pretty good (its benchmark scores are 813,114 for AnTuTu v9: 813114, 3288 for GeekBench v5.1, and 59fps for GFXBench). I picked up a refurbished model for a little over $300. If you can find one at this price, it’s one of the best “bangs for the buck” in smartphones right now.

I’ve got a whole lot of mobile development articles coming up — for both here and the Auth0 Developer Blog — and having a nice Android unit will come in handy.