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Scenes from GDG DevFest Tampa Bay (Saturday, October 21, 2023)

I attended Google Developer Groups’ DevFest Tampa Bay event this past weekend, which took place in USF’s Engineering building and featured a healthy number of students in attendance.

The “Fireside with CEOs” chat featured…

…and they shared their leadership experiences, both good and bad. I bounced between their session and this one:

This was ArtemisNet’s session on creating a USB Rubber Ducky, a favorite toy from the hacker’s bag of tricks. It looks like an ordinary USB flash drive, but when plugged in, it sends keystroke signals to the victim’s computer, which thinks it’s an ordinary keyboard. Typically, an attacker would pre-program it to type commands to perform all sorts of security-breaching actions, such as collecting sensitive files or security information and then exfiltrating it for later analysis.

(If you thought you’d seen something like this on a TV show before, you probably did; there was one in Mr. Robot.)

Of course, you need some kind of small processing device to build a Rubber Ducky, and ArtemisNet provided them, free of charge — a Raspberry Pi Pico! Here’s mine:

Afterwards, I bounced over to the other room to see Liz Myers’ “Coffee, Code, and Tensorflow” session…

…and also caught bits of the Flutter and hackathon sessions.

And finally, my employer, Okta, was one of the event sponsors. As their representative here in “The Other Bay Area”, I’m working on getting them to sponsor more local events. Watch this space!

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