Humor Process

The first stand-up of the new year

4-panel comic — “Design Thinking!”

Panel 1. Scrum Master says “Here we go! First standup of the new year! You go first, Derek.” Derek says “Okay...”

Panel 2: “Yesterday I was stuffing leftover mince pies into my face and falling asleep on the sofa watching back-to-back James Bond films. Today I’m going to spend at least 4 hours trying to figure out what I was doing this time 2 weeks ago. No blockers.”

Panel 3: Another person starts. “Yesterday I got shitfaced in a nightclub and woke up this morning in a strange flat cuddling a poodle. Today I’m going to take copious amounts of co-codamol and pretend I remember what I do for a living. Blockers: my bastard pulsating head.”

Panel 4: Another person says “I plead the fifth.” The Scrum Master says “Welcome back, everyone.”

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