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Laid off in 2024, part 2: First referrals and blue dragons

Joey de Villa smiles in his office, wearing a headband that looks like a blue dragon biting into his head.

I just sent off my first resume and cover letter for a referral, and now it’s time to go get a new inner tube for my bike.

(For the insatiably curious, here’s the resume.)

As for the thing on my head? It’s a blue dragon that I recently bought, and it’ll be quite significant starting this Saturday.

ℹ️ In case you missed my first “Laid off in 2024” post, it’s here.

One reply on “Laid off in 2024, part 2: First referrals and blue dragons”

Some constructive feedback on the resume – 6 pages is too long!

The common wisdom I’ve seen previously is that you should be able to remove everything older than 10 years and you should be able to get your resume down to around 3 pages.

Curate what you are selling to employers and focus in on how many, how much, how long.

I feel like it will be hard for people to be impressed with you if they are overwhelmed by receiving a novel. Good luck out there!

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