Video What I’m Up To

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The laws of time, effort, and experience make it very clear: I’m in the middle of making my worst videos right now, and you’ll want to subscribe to see how bad they are!

Come check out the awfulness on the Global Nerdy YouTube channel, located at!

I’ve already posted the first two videos. The first is a short that looks at an odd paragraph in an O’Reilly article on AI…

…and the second is a blast from the past — a promotional video featuring images of a lot of top-tier developers, followed by an image that’s supposed to represent you, the everyday developer…and guess whose image they used:

There’ll be a mix of short- and long-form videos, where I’ll cover software development topics and technology news in interesting, unusual, and amusing ways.

I’m spending the month of June working on the first set of videos, which I’ll release as quickly as I can, so you know they’ll be bad. And if you’re thinking “But HOW bad?”, there’s only one way to find out: visit the channel and subscribe!