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I’ll be at ng-conf 2022 this week!

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From Wednesday, August 31 through Friday, September 2, I’m going to be tending the Auth0 booth at ng-conf 2022 in Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel, the annual conference dedicated to all things Angular.

I’ll be there, providing yeoman service to two coworkers who’ll be speaking at the event…

Photo: Alisa Duncan.
Alisa Duncan, Senior Developer Advocate at Okta.

First, there’s Alisa Duncan, Senior Developer Advocate at Okta (Auth0’s parent company), who’ll be presenting There’s Safety in Angular, which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31 at 10:32 a.m. MDT (that’s not a typo, it’s happening at ten thirty-two). Here’s the brief on her talk:

When you use Angular, you know you’ve got a best-in-class framework with all the bells and whistles at your fingertips. But did you know Angular is also a cozy blanket that keeps you safe and secure? Businesses with a security breach in 2021 average over $8 million in remediation, and it can permanently damage their brand. The 2021 OWASP Top 10 list includes broken access control and web injection exploits in their top 3 security risks. This talk will cover web vulnerabilities, risks posed by exposing sensitive information, and how Angular has your back so you can rest easy.

Photo: Sam Julien.
Sam Julien, Director of Developer Relations at Auth0.

Then, there’s my teammate Sam Julien, Director of Developer Relations at Auth0. He’ll be presenting with Cloudinary’s VP of Developer Experience Kim Maida

Photo: Kim Maida.
Kim Maida, VP of Developer Experience at Cloudinary.

…and their talk is titled RXWut? and scheduled for Wednesday, August 31 at 2:36 p.m. MDT (again, not a typo; it’s happening at two thirty-six). Here’s the abstract:

You’re working on your Angular application late one night and need to handle some data. That means using RxJS, so you think, “Great! People love RxJS and there are tons of docs. This will be easy!” You remember that someone told you “everything is a stream” and “it’s just an array over time” but in practice, those insights haven’t been as helpful as you’d hoped. You also need to manipulate data in the stream, which means: operators! You head to the docs and you’re looking for just the right operator… Distinct until what? What’s a forkJoin? These examples all have to do with multiplying arrays of numbers, but your data isn’t numerical. Okay, what about these weird diagrams? Wait, what the heck do marbles have to do with programming?!

RxJS is fascinating and powerful, but the learning curve for reactive programming can be challenging (to say the least). In this talk, we’ll take a light-hearted approach to demystifying reactive programming concepts, confusing operator names, and much more. Whether you’re already a reactive wizard or still a fledgling Rx apprentice, you’ll laugh (and maybe cry) while learning some new magic.

If you’re attending ng-conf 2022, drop by the Auth0 booth! I’ll be there, and I’ll be pretty easy to spot…

Photo: Joey deVilla playing accordion at the Auth0 booth.
Yours truly, that rare specimen of accordion-playing developer advocate.