Geek Book Deals from Manning and Apress

Price tag reading "Sale"I wanted to post this earlier, but a number of things, shopping included, conspired to keep me from blogging until just now.

If you’re reading this and it’s still December 21st, Manning Publications, publishers of fine books such as C# in Depth, Real-World Functional Programming, ASP.NET MVC in Action and The Art of Unit Testing and even a whole book on Dependency Injection (and yes, they have a lot of non-Microsoft books as well) is having a half-price off all ebooks sale – but only on Monday, December 21st, Use the discount code dotd1221 when you place your order and the books will be half price.

If it’s after December 21st but before the new year, Apress has a deal for you! If you order off their site and use the discount code APRESSHOLIDAYML, they’ll take 25% off your entire purchase.

If you’ve been holding off buying new geeks books and waiting for some deals, those deals are here!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.


My Tech Reading List for May

I got a number of books for free this past week:

Books I\'m reviewing in May 2008

  • Head First PMP – When my friend Leigh Honeywell heard that I was taking a project management course later this month, she told me that she got this book for free at a conference and had no use for it. So she gave this book to me, and I’ll be reading it so that when the course comes around — it’s May 21st through 23rd — I’ll be at least familiar with the material.

And four books from Apress, courtesy of Julie Miller:

I’ll be reading them this month and posting my reviews here in Global Nerdy. Watch this space!