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If you’re part of a software team, you should be watching “Arguing Agile!”

Photo: Still frame from an “Arguing Agile” featuring Brian Orlando and Om Patel with guest Stormy Dickson.

If you work on a team that produces software, and especially if it’s supposed to be an agile team, do yourself a favor and check out Arguing Agile, the YouTube channel and podcast produced and presented by Tampa Bay’s own Brian Orlando and Om Patel.

They’ve been really hard at work on this project, gathering interesting guests to talk about important topics in software development, from leadership, career progression, and knowing when it’s time to quit, to handling conflict and dealing with gatekeeping, to estimations and acceptance criteria, and so many other topics!

Here’s the latest set of videos/podcasts from Arguing Agile:

And just for kicks, here are the episodes featuring The Missus and me!