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Avocado Labs talk today at noon (EST): Meet Matthew Pegula of Deeplocal!

Avocado Labs an Auth0 project whose goal is to keep developers and techies — and people who want to become developers and techies — connected through high-quality online talks.

Today at noon Eastern (17:00 UTC), join Avocado Labs’ Twitch channel to meet Matthew Pegula, Director of Creative Technology at the technology/experience design studio Deeplocal.

He’ll be talking about some of their cool projects, including a project called “Connected Mistletoe”, which keeps distant people connected over the holidays:

Here’s the brief for the talk:

Matthew Pegula works at Deeplocal, a creative technology and experience design studio based in Pittsburgh, PA. They’re a group of engineers and creatives who use technology to tell stories and create experiences in novel ways. At first glance, their projects don’t always jump out as being overly technical or software-driven, but that’s sort of the idea: the technology enables the story, it doesn’t overshadow it. Matthew is going to show a few of their favorite projects, talk about the technology that’s driving them, and some of the challenges they ran into along the way.

Matthew Pegula is a software engineer who has been lucky enough to blend his interests in technology, design, writing, and engineering into a career that encompasses them all. He has a BS in computer science from Allegheny College and leads the Creative Technology team at Deeplocal.

If you’d like to attend this online event, please read the code of conduct, then point your browser at Avocado Labs’ Twitch channel.

Current Events

Meet the Auth0 DevRel Team — Monday, December 14 at noon Eastern / 9:00 a.m. Pacific

Here’s your chance to get to know the Auth0 Developer Relations teamthey’re holding an online meet-and-greet this Monday, December 14th at noon Eastern / 9:00 a.m. Pacific!

You can catch it on Twitch.

Here’s the description of the event:

Dev Rel, Developer Relations, Developer Advocacy, Developer avocado… What does it all mean? In this episode you will have the chance to connect and ask your questions about all of this to the very own Auth0 Dev Rel team. Maybe you just want to know what we do, or how we got here. Maybe you want to learn how to get into Dev Rel. Or maybe you just want to meet us and say hi! Whatever your reason, don’t miss this episode where we will also be hosting a secret santa live! Why? Well, that way you can also get to know us better by seeing what we would buy each other this season.

Here’s who you’ll meet…

James Quick, Senior Developer Advocate

James is a developer, speaker, and teacher with a passion for web development, design, and developer tools. He is a Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0 and has over 7 years of experience in Advocacy and Software Development. In his spare time, he runs a YouTube channel, plays co-ed soccer with his wife, spends time with his dogs, and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes.

Sam Bellen, Senior Developer Advocate

I’m a Google Developer Expert who works as a Senior Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0. At Auth0 we’re trying to make authentication and identification as easy as possible, while still keeping it secure. After office hours I like to play around with the web-audio API, and other “exotic” browser APIs. One of my side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript.

Ana Cidre, Senior Developer Advocate

Ana is a Developer Advocate at Auth0. She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in International Business Economics and Management, so she is not your usual software developer. She loves to code and she especially likes Angular. As a very active member of the community, she regularly organises meetups and conferences, like the amazing ngSpain. In Spain, where she’s currently based, she’s an organiser of GDG Vigo and the founder of GalsTech, a group for women in tech from Galicia. Because she is so passionate about diversity, she is also a Women Techmaker Ambassador.

Sam Julien, Senior Developer Advocate

Sam Julien is a Sr. Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0 and a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web Technologies. He’s also an instructor for egghead and the author of Getting Started in Developer Relations and the Developer Microskills newsletter. His favorite thing in the world is sitting outside drinking good scotch next to a fire he built himself. You can find more of Sam’s work at

Tyler Clark, Senior Developer Advocate

Tyler is a developer advocate engineer at Auth0, an instructor, and a conference speaker. He’s worked primarily as a software engineer for the past seven years and loves getting his hands-on coding projects. His passion is in the frontend, but he also enjoys working on backend tasks. If he’s not in his office working, he’s either with his family or out playing some kind of sport.

Kristy Gutierrez, Project Management Consultant

Kristy is a Project Manager at Auth0. New to working in the tech world, Kristy’s background is rooted in outdoor education and international adventure travel. While working at Auth0 may sound like an odd fit at first, Kristy thrives on managing complex logistics, organizing information, and solving problems. She finds the behind-the-scenes work of building more efficient processes for things like our ambassador program and events very familiar turf. When she’s not tidying up her to-do list, she loves to cook, kayak, and mountain bike.

Once again, you can catch the Auth0 Developer Relations meet-and-greet on Twitch.

This is just one of many Avocado Labs productions!

This meet-and-greet is just one production of Avocado Labs, and I’ll let them describe themselves in their own words:

What is Avocado Labs?

Avocado Labs is a platform where we share expert content about web technologies. Our first approach is through online meetups. We will be hosting bi-weekly meetups which consist of two talks per meetup and each edition will be focussed on one technology. Our first episode was about Angular and more specifically Ivy, the Angular compiler. We had two incredible speakers who are renowned specialists in their fields and Google Developer Experts for Angular: Manfred Steyer and Martina Kraus.

In the future, we want to explore other ways of delivering content and figure out what the community is hungry for! We also want to bring communities closer together and find ways of doing it virtually! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.

Why Avocado Labs?

This question is probably the most important. At Auth0, one of our core values is that “We give a sh^* t” and we really do! The technological community is important to us and we know that it isn’t always easy to go to a conference or a meetup, no matter what the reason might be. We believe that anyone and everyone should be able to have access to quality content and to be able to be part of a community.

We also know that right now the majority of the world is on lockdown which means that people cannot go to physical events, speakers cannot deliver amazing content, and communities cannot gather. We want to help in these times by providing at least some of this. But like mentioned above, this is an ongoing initiative. We won’t stop once things go back to “normal” – Whatever that new normal might be.

So, What Now?

Why not join us? To follow up on what we’re up to, you can follow us on Twitter. If you’re interested in attending our online events, we suggest that you join our meetup group. And if you would like to speak at one of our events, please fill out our call for papers. Also, any suggestions are more than welcome! Just send us a direct message on Twitter.