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Coming soon to PyConUS 2023

Rasberry Pi 3 with attached 3.5" LCD screen displaying Thonny running and Badger 2040 electronic badge displaying “Auth0 by Okta - Joey @ PyConUS 2023 - Let’s connect @oktadev”
Pictured: My Raspberry Pi 3 (above), running Thonny, which I used to write the badge app running on the Badger 2040 e-badge (below) in MicroPython.

I’ll fly to Salt Lake City on Thursday to set up the booth for Auth0 by Okta at PyCon US 2023, and I’ll be doing demos, answering questions, and playing the accordion in the expo hall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Drop by the Auth0 booth and check out what we’ve got, which includes the Badger 2040 e-badge, a nifty combination of Python (which we at Auth0 love) and identity (which is Auth0’s business)!