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“Dogecoin to the MOON!” (or: Tell me again why people dismiss Dogecoin as a joke cryptocurrency)

In case you missed it, a Dogecoin fan crashed the stage at this weekend’s Bitcoin conference in Miami during a session where Square CEO Jack Dorsey was talking about their LDK (Lightning Development Kit).

The gate-crasher appeared onstage in a dark suit and dress shirt, addressing the audience by saying “Excuse me, everybody — we have a very urgent announcement.”

That’s when he stripped off his suit, revealing a Doge t-shirt and yellow shorts and started screaming “Dogecoin to the mooooon!”, complete with interpretative dance moves.

He was very quickly removed from the stage with hilarious efficiency. You should watch the video to see how someone (security? stage crew?) picked him up as if he were an misplace stage prop:

Truth be told, I would’ve been disappointed if a Dogecoin fan hadn’t done something like this.