Make Web Not War / MonDev (Open Source Week) in Montréal / $50 Round Trip Train to Montreal

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Make Web Not War is a cross-platform conference focusing on web development in mixed open source and commercial environments. Make Web Not War is jointly sponsored by Microsoft, our friends at PHP Quebec and open source communities across Canada. We’re proud to be a part of MonDev, Montréal’s Open Source Week, which takes place from May 24th through 28th, 2010.

mondev open source week in montreal

About Make Web Not War

Make Web Not War is a free-as-in-beer event taking place on Thursday, May 27th featuring free-as-in-speech software development. Among other things, you’ll get to:

  • Mingle with some of the best web developers in the country
  • Listen and learn from industry experts and leaders
  • Play with some of the new and exciting toys being offered by Microsoft
  • See who gets crowned as Canada’s top developer at the FTW! Coding Competition
  • Attend the VIP party held in the heart of beautiful Montréal

Make Web Not War’s schedule has two tracks:

  • The Main Track, which covers new opportunities and the business impact of interoperability on the web. Its sessions will be short presentations followed by roundtable discussion with the panelists and Q&A.
  • The Developer Track, which are hands-on sessions covering interoperable tools and technologies.

Make Web Not War will take place at Reunion, located at 6600 Hutchison:

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Want to Attend Make Web Not War?

Registration is free – just visit the registration page and sign up!

About MonDev

MonDev logo

MonDev, Montréal’s Open Source Week, runs from Monday, May 24th through Friday, May 28th. It’s a celebration of Open Source technology and community throughout the Montréal area and features many events, including:

  • Demo Ignite Camp
  • Startup Drinks
  • WebCamp
  • Make Web Not War

From MonDev’s “About” Page:

By encouraging local and international partnerships, Open Source developers are creating free software that can be continuously updated and shared. For many software innovators, Open Source represents the future transformation of software development.

Through Open Source, communities, cities and nations around the world are presented with the opportunity to promote and actively nurture an environment of learning, collaboration and innovation.

Montréal is an important centre of global Open Source activity and home to many software developers, projects and companies. Open Source Week will bring together industry leaders, teachers and students from around the world for a full week of activities that will include workshops, seminars and presentations.

Take the DEVTrain to Montreal — $50 Round Trip!


Microsoft Canada’s Technical Evangelism team – Yours Truly included – will be taking the train to Montreal, and we want you to ride with us! We’ve booked an entire car, and we’re bringing the Xbox, Rock Band (and hopefully Red Dead Redemption) and other goodies, and since it’s VIA Rail, there’ll be wifi and power aplenty, and good company and conversation, of course! Best of all, we’re subsidizing the trip – you can travel from Toronto to Montreal on Tuesday morning, depart Montreal for Toronto on Friday, and it’ll cost you only $50!

What’s on the train?

  • Power and wifi
  • We’re sponsoring a meal and a drink
  • A chance to mingle with Toronto’s web developer community (you’ve got about 6 hours to make friendships and even collaborate)
  • A chance to meet Microsoft Canada’s Technical Evangelism team – a fine bunch
  • The cheapest, most comfortable round trip to Montreal you’re going to find!

Want to travel on the cheap in in high geeky style? Take the train with us – email to get the invitation to ride.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.