Blast from the Past: My Old Notes on the GNUtella Protocol

Found these photos while digging through my archives on the backup hard drive and thought you folks might find them interesting. They’re flipchart pages from either June 2000, back when I was working at Cory Doctorow’s startup, OpenCola. These are notes that I wrote on the GNUtella protocol; Chris Cummer and I worked off these notes to produce an app called COLAvision, which scored Gnutellanet for audio and video files, captured them and cued them up to be served as streams (oh, the assignments we got during the bubble…).

I expect to be doing a fair bit of doodling, since the b5media tech office walls are largely floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and I’ve also been diving into Dan Roam’s book, The Back of the Napkin, a book on solving problems and selling ideas with hand-drawn pictures on whiteboards, flipcharts, notepads, scrap paper or even — as the title implies — the back of a napkin (or serviette to you Brits out there).

Joey deVilla's GNUtella protocol notes, circa summer 2000.
My notes on the GNUtella protocol, part 1.

Joey deVilla's GNUtella protocol notes (part 2), circa summer 2000.
My notes on the GNUtella protocol, part 2.