GeoSocial Meetup: Thursday November 6th at the Charlotte Room, Toronto

Earth, as seen from spaceThe folks from PlanetEye — the travel-planning site whose motto is “Discover destinations. Plan trips. Share experiences” — are hosting a GeoSocial this Thursday, November 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the Charlotte Room (19 Charlotte Street, Toronto, not far from the corner of King and Spadina).


Organized by PlanetEye’s Mark Evans and Juan Gonzalez, a GeoSocial is “a group for people interested in exploring the uses of geodata to enhance the relevancy of information on the web and create new means of social interaction.”

Juan explained more in a recent post on the PlanetEye blog:

We firmly believe the GeoWeb has succeeded in providing an easily understood framework for gathering, analysing and displaying information. The challenges that remain ahead are now about leveraging this framework to create better ways for people to explore and discover their world.

GeoSocial wants to provide an open forum for all people developing ideas, technology and products that leverage the GeoWeb to create advanced social applications that can deliver personalized, geographically relevant content. We also want to invite people from other areas (bloggers?) to participate and discover how these technologies can fundamentally impact their own products.

If you’re building (or just thinking of building) location-based mobile applications, mashups, maps, producing or consuming geodata, writing about your city or neighbourhood or just have an interest in what’s being called “Where 2.0”, come out to this event and meet some like-minded people!

(I’ll be attending this event, by the way.)