Conversational HTTP Codes

"413: Request entity too large" -- cat stuck in cat door

Over at, there’s a handy table of HTTP codes, their official meanings and their everyday office culture conversational equivalents. Here are some examples:

Code Status Conversational Equivalent
100 Continue Uh-huh…
101 Switching protocols Let’s take this offline
200 OK OK
201 Created I wrote you an email about that
300 Multiple choices You can get that from Bob, John or Sue
301 Moved permanently That’s Bob’s job
401 Unauthorized You’re not allowed to know that
402 Payment required Maybe a twenty would refresh my memory
404 Not found I have no idea what you’re talking about
406 Not acceptable Maybe when you’re older
500 Internal server error Drooling from side of mouth
503 Service unavailable I am way too busy to deal with your shit