The Story Behind “Keyboard Cat”

Another internet meme made the big time today – today’s edition of CNN’s “American Morning” ended with anchor Kiran Chetry announcing that they would be “played out” by “Keyboard Cat”. In case you haven’t yet seen them, Keyboard Cat videos all follow the same formula:

  • They all have the name “Play Him/Her Out, Keyboard Cat”
  • They begin with a segment in which someone humiliates or hurts himself or herself
  • They cut to a strange video featuring a cat playing a tune on a cheesy home keyboard

This is my favourite Keyboard Cat video, in which a guy learns an important lesson in nunchuk safety:

This one, featuring a guy whose parents are trying to convince him that it’s bad idea to broadcast his meltdown online, is a close second:

And now, we can find out about the origin of Keyboard Cat and how he turned into an internet meme, thanks to this story in the Los Angeles Times.


“XZIBIT” Explains Virtualization

XZIBIT explains virtualization: "Yo, Dawg! I heard you liek computers, so we put a computer in your computer, so you can compute while you compute!"

Don’t get the joke? Know Your Meme does a fine job explaining the XZIBIT “Yo Dawg” meme in this article as well in the video shown below.


Internet Memes Timeline

Internet Meme Timeline

Feeling nostalgic for “Ate My Balls”, “I Kiss You” or “All Your Base are Belong to Us”? The Internet Memes Timeline’s got the cure for that.