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Chaos Muppet! (or: It’s my 2nd Oktaversary / Auth0versary!)

Yours Truly, at the Okta office in London, June 2022.
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So this arrived in my work email earlier today:

Screenshot from email: “It’s time to celebrate...Happy Oktaversary! Happy Oktaversary, Joey! Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary at Okta! Thank you for your commitment and contributions to the success of the company.”

I’m enjoying my work on the Developer Engagement (DevN) team at what we’re currently calling “Auth0 by Okta” — that’s the developer-centric customer-facing authentication/authorization system by Okta, or what I often shorten to the layperson-friendly catchphrase “login as a service.”

I greatly enjoy working with the DevN team, who are that wonderful combination of smart and nice:

Photo of a long table with many of the  Auth0 Developer Engagement team having dinner at Mulberry Bush, London.
First team dinner of our London summit, June 2022.
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I’m also honored to be the team’s Chaos Muppet — as evidenced by this Facet5 personality profile report of the various team members and how we rate on “control:”

Facet5 personality profile report showing Joey deVilla as being the member of the Auth0 Developer Engagement team with the least control.

Thanks to Okta, Auth0, and the DevN team for two wonderful years! Let’s see what Year Three looks like.

Joey deVilla’s blue accordion with Auth0 stickers.
The “Authccordion.”
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