Tucows (Re)Introduces OpenSRS

I’m always happy to point out cool things that my former employer, Tucows, is up to (from 2003 to 2007, I was their Tech Evangelist). The latest one is one I’ve long supported: pulling their reseller services under a single, well-known and trusted name, OpenSRS, and a gorgeous new brand identity:

OpenSRS\' new brand identity

OpenSRS now refers to a whole slew of services: domain name registration, SSL certificates, email and “personal names” (white label access to their portfolio of common North American and European surname domains), all of which are accessible via control panel or API.

Here’s what they have to say:

Don’t mistake this for a simple re-brand. Yes, we have a new logo, and a snazzy new website, but there’s a lot more to what we’re doing here than a fresh coat of paint and some new pictures on the wall.

Back in 1999 when Tucows first started selling domain names as one of the original ICANN accredited registrars, we wanted to bring Internet service providers something they hadn’t been accustomed to getting when it came to domain names: customer service. We launched back then with a real customer focus that extended throughout everything we did.

The logo also proudly proclaims that OpenSRS is “Reseller Friendly.” That is more than just a slogan, or a tag line – it’s a promise. Like the customer focused wholesale domain name business that launched in 1999 as OpenSRS, today we remain dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our resellers.

That means resellers can expect easily accessible customer support with knowledgeable people on the other end of the phone line. And it means products and services that are created and implemented with the specific needs of the reseller in mind. That Reseller Friendly attitude and approach extends throughout every aspect of our business.

We’re putting that Reseller Friendly promise prominently on display, right in our logo. We’re not only rebranding our wholesale Internet Services business as OpenSRS, but we’re re-dedicating ourselves to the approach that, with your help, made us so successful over the past nine years and will continue it into the future.

For more, including a video interview featuring my old boss Ken Schafer (VP Marketing and Product Management), check out this entry in the Tucows Reseller Blog.