2008 is the “Year of RSS”…for the 5th Year in a Row

“I Want to Believe” poster with RSS icon in place of the flying saucer.

Back in late 2006, I wrote an article about how they’ve been predicting that for the fourth year in a row, someone has declared that “this is the year RSS will be big!”.

I also wrote:

Perhaps I should start a betting pool on when the pundits will stop predicting that RSS will go mainstream next year. I’ll put money down on 2009. Any takers?

I’m glad I didn’t put money down on 2008, as someone has declared 2008 as the “Year of RSS”. Yes, it was a blog called Enterprise RSS, but still…

I think that “The Year of RSS” is turning into “The Rapture” — always imminent, but never actually coming to pass.