Why the “Developing for the Microsoft-Based Platform” Track is the Hippest Track at TechDays

It’s because we have the best obscure pop culture references, as seen in Rob Burke’s presentation on Developing Composite Applications with Silverlight and WPF:

Slide showing John Oxley and Damir Bersinic on cell phones, doing the "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" song

(That’s a photo of my manager John Oxley and co-worker Damir Bersinic, used to illustrate heavyweight layer communication in Prism. If you don’t get the pop culture reference, this article on my Accordion Guy blog will help you.)

Here’s Rob Burke, striking his GQ magazine pose, just before his presentation:

Rob Burke posing onstage

And here’s Rob in action:

Rob Burke during his presentation
And here’s Rob answering a lot of additional questions at the end of his session:

Rob Burke answering walk-up questions after his presentation

Want to know more about building composite applications using Silverlight and WPF? Check out the Composite WPF site on Codeplex and as well as Glenn Bock’s article on building composite applications with WPF.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.