The New Microsoft Ads: Why Didn’t They Just Start With These?

by Joey deVilla on September 19, 2008

“I’m a PC, and I’ve been turned into a stereotype,” says the John Hodgman lookalike at the start of Microsoft’s new Seinfeld-free commercials. Then they jump to all sorts of people saying “I’m a PC”.

The message is simple: PC users aren’t all nerdy puffy white guys in tweed suits — many different people use PCs and they leading interesting lives and do cool things with them. If the goal of Microsoft’s new ad campaign is to counter Apple’s “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads and rehabilitate Microsoft’s and Windows’ sagging image, these ads are doing a much better job than the Seinfeld/Gates” ads (here’s the first ad, here’s the longer follow-up) about nothing.

Take a look:

What do you think?

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1 Rob September 20, 2008 at 1:23 am

It was created on a Mac!

Strange that they don’t mention Windows itself, just the PC. Why is a software company promoting hardware? And companies like Dell are putting Linux on more and more PCs all the time. Looks like it’s going to down as one of the biggest advertising blunders of all time.

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