Area Man Attempts to Install Windows Vista; Results Disappointing

11:15 a.m.: With files backed up, the Windows Vista RC1 DVD goes into my IBM ThinkCentre's DVD drive and we're off to the races. When presented with a choice between a clean install and an upgrade (in which I get to keep my apps and files), I choose the upgrade option.

11:17 a.m.: Windows Vista reports which apps aren't compatible with it. My IT-department-installed Symantec AntiVirus? Not compatible. IT-department-installed auto-backup solution? Not compatible. Java Web Start? Not compatible.

Here's the kicker: Microsoft SQL Server 2005? Not compatible.

I tell George this over IM and he suggests that there's one more app that might not be compatible with Vista: “The Internet”.

11:32 a.m.: Copying files… (4% complete). Thankfully, I have better things to do, like have my weekly update meeting with the boss.

12:06 p.m.: Expanding files…(30% complete). I think about lunch. There is no cause-effect relationship between the two.

12:14 p.m.: Hey, it looks as though the machine is shutting down for reboot. We have lift-off!

12:15 p.m.: Hey, it looks as though the machine is still shutting down for reboot. Patience, young grasshopper…

12:16 p.m.: How long does it take for a machine to reboot, anyway?

12:17 p.m.: No drive activity. No screen activity. Ctrl-Alt-Del defibrillation failed. I call time of death at 12:17 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. I hold down the power button and shut down the machine old school.

12:18 p.m.: Power up! First the regular BIOS graphics, followed by…one line of DOS-text gibberish, about 10 characters long and a blinking underline cursor. I press a key.

The machine reboots, and seconds later, the same 10-or-so characters, followed by the underline cursor, which mocks me with every blink.

I IM George and say “Good thing I didn't have anything important on that box.” He says that that should be translated into Latin and put on the Microsoft crest.

More reports as I make my second attempt at installing Vista.

Don't forget, folks: at Global Nerdy, we ruin perfectly good computers so you don't have to!

4 replies on “Area Man Attempts to Install Windows Vista; Results Disappointing”

Yikes! I think I will hold off then. Shamefully, I was waiting for a review before I installed. Looking forward to hearing more.

Funny, it worked fine for me, right away. Took awhile (because I was doing an upgrade as opposed to a new install) but it installed without any problems and has been running perfectly for several weeks now.

For me, it instaleld completely (over the course of an hour or so) and then when it went to load Vista the first time, *poof*, one of the files was apparently corrupt. But this happened even when I re-downloaded the Vista beta. Bah!

Joey, can you confirm that the copy used was the shrinkwrapped copy handed out at the Customer Review Event ?

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