RSS is “The Next Big Thing” — and Has Been for the Past 3 Years

I got a sense of deja vu when I saw that the first item in Read/Write Web’s Predictions for 2007 was “RSS will go mainstream in a big way. A quick look back to their predictions for 2006 told me why: they predicted roughly the same thing — albeit more catiously — that RSS would “inch towards the mainstream”.

That still didn’t explain that nagging feeling that I’d heard exuberant RSS predictions before. All it took was a little Googling to find that this is at least the fourth year in which pundits predicted “RSS is gonna explode in the coming year!” Case in point…




Perhaps I should start a betting pool on when the pundits will stop predicting that RSS will go mainstream next year. I’ll put money down on 2009. Any takers?

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Point taken, but note that the 2006 post of mine you pointed to was actually a summary of 2006 trends which was written about a week ago :-) So not 2006 predictions written a year ago, as your post implies…
Richard MacManus

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