Thoughts on the Silicon Valley Asshole’s Society

And all this time I’d thought that the Silicon Valley Asshole’s Society was just a list of people in my head, but as Marc Canter wrote in a recent blog entry, such a thing existed, and he was one of the co-founders along with Stewart Alsop and Dave Winer. Better still, in a move that only a supreme asshole would make, Jean-Louis Gassee came to the first meeting/party and proposed that they kick out Canter.

I imagine that the first meeting of a club of such bloodyminded personalities must’ve gone something like this:

legion of doom

A “Legion of Doom” meeting, as depicted by Seanbaby. Click to see the source.

Unlike the Legion of Doom, pictured above, I doubt that the Silicon Valley Asshole’s Society had any women members. I think this is one of those cases where there wouldn’t be much hue and cry over a lack of diversity.