LOLCODE, the LOLCat Programming Language

Cat at computer: “I can has programming language?”

The moment Anil Dash published his now-famous blog entry on the grammar used by lolcats, Cats Can Has Grammar, the door to studies that were equal parts silly and serious was opened. Not to be content with mere lexical and semiotic analysis of lolcats, some folks have taken it to the next level: the LOLCODE programming language.

LOLCODE is your standard Algol-style programming language (Algol is the grandfather of just about every popular current programming language) married to the lolcat captioning style — that is, ALL CAPS and I CAN HAS SILLY CAT GRAMMER AND SPELING KTHXBYE.

Here’s HAI WORLD, the LOLCODE version of “Hello, World!”:

Here’s something that outputs the numbers 1 through 10, a classic beginner’s exercise:

And finally, here’s a program to print the contents of a specified file:

If someone’s working on an IDE for this language, I have very important stylistic advice: it should make heavy use of the Impact font, just like all those lolcat captions. Bonus points if it’s Impact with a white fill and black stroke!

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I’m sure its the only Computer Language where the nested exception handling, designed to allow your running executable to have nine lives before abnormal termination. Just stay alert and be careful how you move that mouse while programming in it. (lol)

you spells BYE teh wrongs…

i you wants make “KTHXBAI”



After learning VBA….i would proudly and Gladly uses this programming…
Although the books for it would prolly be hard to understand…

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