36 Youth Facts in 159 Seconds

Here are some composite screen captures I took from a fascinating video called Thirty-six Youth Facts in One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Seconds:

Clips from “Thirty-six Youth Facts in One Hundred and Fifty-Nine Seconds”

The video was produced by Paul McGregor of and aired on MTV Asia. The domain name “” refers to the number of people under the age of 25 (the site’s tagline is “Now that’s a lot of consumers”). It features 36 facts about youth, and a good number of them cover their use of technology. If you’re trying to chart your future tech course, it never hurts to see what the kids are up to.

Here’s the video. It’s not too long, and it’s pretty fascinating stuff:

For the benefit of the search engines and those who can’t watch the video, here are the facts that appear in the video:

  • There are 3 billion people under 25 on this planet
  • 61% of them live in Asia
  • 67% of young Asians have downloaded music in the last month
  • Only 27% paid for it
  • Hong Kong youth spend the most time online per day (4.7 hours)
  • Indonesian youth spend the least (0.9 hours)
  • Young Filipinos watch the most TV per day (6.2 hours)
  • Young Chinese watch the least (3.2 hours)
  • There are 37.5 million gamers in China
  • 90% play online games
  • Weekly, Korean teenagers will spend
    • 14 hours on the computer…
    • .12.8 hours watching TV
    • 0.7 hours reading newspapers
  • Taiwan has the highest teenage birthrate in Asia
  • South Korea has the lowest
  • 45% of young Japanese women said they were in love
  • Only 30% of young Japanese men said the same
  • 82% of Japanese teen males said they used contraception the first time they had sex
  • Only 12% of Japanese 20-year-olds use the home PC to access the internet — the same level as 50-year-olds — they’re using their mobile phones instead
  • 26% of all youth deaths in China are from suicide
  • In India, 50% of girls will be married before they are 18
  • In Nepal, the rate is 60%
  • 85% of Korean teenagers own a cell phone
  • They send an average of 60 messages per day
  • 46% of students send messages in class
  • “Our children are seriously addicted to cell phones” — Parent’s Union Spokesperson
  • Chinese people spend 10x more money on the internet than people in the west
  • It represents 10% of their monthly income
  • Who prefers a laid-back hassle-free lifestyle?
    • 14% of Chinese teens
    • 22% of South Korean teens
    • 43% of Japanese teens
  • 99% of Saudi teens use Bluetooth
  • 99% said that the device had broken social taboos
  • 85% said it was safe for communication with the opposite sex
  • 69% of messages exchanged by Saudi teens were pornographic

[via YPulse]

3 replies on “36 Youth Facts in 159 Seconds”

Man what is wrong with those Japanese twentysomethings… who wants to stare at the net on itty bitty phone screens?

I have a Blackberry with some pretty awesome server-admin tools on it, but it’s best in situations where the laptop (or wifi service) isn’t readily available. I wouldn’t want to be doing ALL of my work from the tiny BB screen.

@Chris Taylor:

It’s probably a byproduct of what appears to be a very slow adoption of desktop computers.

When I was last in Japan (1998), I visited a number of offices where friends worked and was amazed at how few computers there were. A number of offices had one computer; many didn’t have any at all. Paperwork was still being done on paper. My trusty 233 MHz Toshiba Satellite laptop (with 96MB RAM, pretty good at the time) was probably the best computer hardware that had passed through the doors of some of those places.

On the other hand, their phones made my then-decent Sony phone seem laughable. Tiny, with far better battery life than mine, and used for messaging and games, the subway cars and trains were packed with people noodling with their phones on their long commutes.

I imagine that the computer gap has closed somewhat, but Japanese mobile phone culture is a pretty strong thing.

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