Reason #2 Why There Aren’t More Women in Technology [Updated]

These mousepads were reason number one, this is reason number 2…

QSOL ad with a beautiful woman: “Don’t feel bad. Our servers won’t go down on you either”
Click the ad to see it on its original page at full size.


I did a little Googling and found that Qsol ran this ad back in 2000 in Linux Journal. After receiving complaints (and increased sales), Qsol’s president Joe Safai apologizes and promised not to run it again.

After finding out that the ad originally ran in 2000, I decided to give the copyright notice at the bottom of the ad. I could’ve sworn it said “Copyright 2007”. It does.

More Googling led me to Elizabeth Bevilacqua’s LiveJournal, where she wrote:

My employer recently footed the bill for a subscription to Linux Journal for me (how cool is that?). I received my first issue this week, dove into it, and was floored by the 5th page.

No, not by some fantastic article, not by the ToC, by an advertisement. An advertisement by Server Appliances. WARNING, implied sexual content: see it here.

I sighed and figured this was going to be par for the course for a tech magazine. I mentioned it to the LinuxChix and that’s when someone said “Isn’t that ad really old?” Nope, August 2007 Linux Journal!

Elizabeth has sent letters to Qsol and Linux Journal. Perhaps I’ll drop my good buddy Doc Searlshe’s their senior editor — a line.

[via Reddit]