Guitar vs. “Guitar Hero”

Guitar Hero comic
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Trust me, kids: learn to play a musical instrument reasonably well before college.

As for accordion playing, the “coolness graph” looks like this:

Accordion coolness chart

3 replies on “Guitar vs. “Guitar Hero””

I would say the coolness quotient for guitar hero probably goes up again once you approach 100years, just on the novelty of it.
and the chart for real guitar playing should go up a little earlier, like just before retirement age (before 55 if all goes well)

Another Caveat: if you are 35 years old and played saxaphone or drums for 2 year in the marching band in High School but haven’t touched it since, don’t announce at parties:
“I play sax” or “I’m a drummer”

This is just stupid. I had a good chance to buy a guitar and learn, but i went to a friends house and learned alot daily. But, even if i got pretty good, it wasn’t fun. Guitar Hero is almost endless fun. I don’t give a shit about coolness, having fun is better.

OK, here it is 8 years after that first comment, I’m 61 years old, retired, playing lead guitar in a Rock Band, and getting cooler by the day.
internet comments really are “forever” Ha Ha

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