Want an Invitation to Join Pownce? I’ve Got 10.

Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose sitting on a couch with their laptops, drinking beer.
Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, two of the people behind Pownce.
Photo taken from the New York Times.

“JUST now, the hottest startup in Silicon Valley — minutely examined by bloggers, panted after by investors — is Pownce,” says the New York Times article A Social-Networking Service with a Velvet Rope, “but only a chosen few can try out its Web site.”

If after reading the article, you have that empty feeling inside — a feeling that can be filled only by a Pownce membership — I may have just what you need. I’ve got 10 invitations to Pownce! Be one of the first ten people to email me at joey [at-sign] globalnerdy [period] com with a request for a Pownce invite and I’ll send one to you after I come back from dinner tonight.