Valleywag Picks Up the QSOL Tasteless Ad Story

Remember those articles from a couple of weeks back — the ones about QSOL’s ads for their servers with the tagline “Don’t feel bad. Our servers won’t go down on you either”? Valleywag has picked up the story in an article titled A blowjob ad reappears in Linux Journal.

The article concludes with this observation:

Obviously QSol ran the ad to titillate and shock, and get talked about — and from that perspective, the company has succeeded. But then there’s the quality of the ad itself. Leave aside the broken promises, and the ad’s tiresome execution. Why would you want to buy servers from a company that clearly hasn’t had a new idea in seven years?

Side-by-side comparison of QSOL’s “Our servers won’t go down on you either” ads from 2000 and 2007.