How Do You Like Them Apples?

Mollie Sterling wrote in her blog:

It does my heart good to see these photos from my alma mater, The Missouri School of Journalism. Back in the fall of 2001 when I was a freshman, it was me and two other kids in the back row with our glowing Apples. Now I feel almost sad for that poor kid with the Windows machine in the front row:)

Missouri School of Journalism class, with most people sporting Mac laptops.
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Who says it’s a windows PC. If you are smart enough now a days you can install OS X on PC hardware.

Yah! Macs rock! If you’re using them as an expensive typewriter. Any gamer, or computer programmer will tell you a good home built pc running Linux is the way to go!

Yup, Linux here too. I’ve used a terminal only once out of necessity. Vista was the last straw – I figured if I had to learn a new OS, it might as well be a better one. And it is much nicer and easier to learn. Things just make more sense.

I don’t understand paying for what is essentially BSD (similar to Linux, and thus available for free) with a pretty interface. OSX and Linux have similar advantages (few viruses, stability) and disadvantages (compatibility and games mostly), but one is free as in speech and beer while the other is not. Linux works great on old hardware, don’t even need a new one. Compiz-fusion blows almost any graphical effects out of the water.

What a great picture. May I please use it in a course I am writing for a Simon Fraser University on Online documentation? I have written a module on users in the future – and this is perfect!
Sue Andrews

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