Even the Shah of Iran has Done a Celebrity Tech Endorsement

Even if you saw yesterday’s post about celebrity tech endorsements, do check it again — I’ve been updating it with more ads for computers and videogames featuring celebrities, and I still have to add a few more.

Here’s an 1970s print ad that seems gallows-humor funny today, considering that there are people itching to attack Iran before they develop nuclear weapons. It features the Shah of Iran as a poster boy for a campaign encouraging more nuclear power plants in the U.S.:

Print ad: "Guess who's building nuclear power plants", featuring the Shah of Iran

Here’s the text of the ad:

Guess Who’s Building Nuclear Power Plants

The Shah of Iran is sitting on top of the largest reservoirs of oil in the world.

Yet he’s building two nuclear plans and planning two more to provide electricity for his country.

He knows the oil is running out — and time with it.

Be he wouldn’t build the plants now if he doubted their safety. He’d wait. As many Americans want to do.

The Shah knows that nuclear energy is not only economical, it has enjoyed a remarkable 30-year saftey record. A record that was good enough for the citizens of Plymouth, Massachusetts, too. They’ve approved their second nuclear plant by a vote of almost 4 to 1. Which shows you that you don’t have to go as far as Iran for an endorsement of nuclear power.

For more about Iran’s history with nuclear power (and how it intertwines with U.S. foreign policy), see this article at Foreign Policy in Focus.

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All signatory nation to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act has the right to build a nuclear power plant. In fact, since the USA is a signatory nation we have the obligation to provide the technology to any nation wanting to build nuclear power plants. It is the USA that is in violation of the NNPA, since we do not provide said technology to these nations.

[…] The RT story out Thursday about how Iran is pondering the possibility of suing the US for the CIA-backed violent overthrow of its democratic government in the country way back in 1953 is being considered.  It’s no secret that the US was behind the regime change there, and what most people don’t know (we weren’t old enough, eh?) was that the Shah of Iran (installed into that position by the US/West) was also a poster-boy for the the nuclear power lobby in the USA.  Check out the graphic over here. […]

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