“employment.nil” – The Toronto Ruby Job Fair


If programming in Ruby is your thing and you’re looking for work or workers, you should mark Saturday, June 6th on your calendar. That’s when employment.nil, Toronto’s first Ruby job fair, takes place at the Gladstone Hotel.

Organized by Pete Forde and the folks at Unspace – the local Ruby heroes behind things like the FutureRuby conference – employment.nil is an old-school job fair for Ruby programmers. In fact, it’s so old-school that no computers of any kind are allowed. If you’re looking for work, bring printouts of your code and be ready to write out ideas with pen and paper. If you’re looking for people to work for you, you can set up a booth, grade school science fair-style.

Want to find out more? Check out the employment.nil article in Rethink, Unspace’s blog.

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