My Statement on IE6

Yes, I know that cats live longer, but I think the quip I made at DemoCamp 21 still makes a good point:

Picture of "Bill the Cat" from "Bloom County" captioned with "If you got a cat when IE6 came out, it's dead now."

Let’s upgrade to compliant up-to-date browsers, shall we? IE8, or even that hippie browser, if you must.

Credit where credit is due: The “cat’s dead now” line is my remix of a line from a review of the Guns ‘N’ Roses concert that took place here in Toronto a couple of years back. The original line went something like “If you got a cat when Appetite for Destruction came out, it’s dead now.”

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Geez Joey, a link to the IE8 download page, yet you point to the hippie browser’s Wikipedia page? I hope they’re paying you well… ;)

Mike: To quote the great Krusty the Klown: “They drove three dump trucks full of money right up to my house! I’m not made of stone!”

But to show that I’m a sweetheart who hasn’t forgotten his roots, I updated the “hippie browser” link to go to the hippie browser page.

Let it be known that I honestly think Bill the cat would still be alive. I mean, he does have Donald Trump’s brain in him. Go absurd comic trivia from a time before I could even walk!

P.S. Half our company still uses IE 6. :( I’ve been tempted to hang one or two of the posters from around at work.

Only last year did CBC finally drop the “must work in IE6” requirement from our site development. And there was much rejoicing…

Most cats live will into their teens, IE6 is turning 8 this August. I prefer this eye opener: Babies that were born when IE6 came out are going into the third grade this September.

I like how you credit a line of generic text to Guns ‘N Roses, but give no credit to artist Berkeley Breathed, creator of ‘Bill the Cat.’ You can barely read his signature because the image is reversed. /sarcasm

IE6 was released August 27, 2001

My cat died last year at the age of 19.

In other words, Cat was gotten BEFORE THE WEB EVEN EXISTED.

ACK that!

I owned an orange tabby who just died. He pretty much won the Bil The Cat contest hands down there in his last years. However, he was 20 years old. Good thing I didn’t go by his age before upgrading to IE8. Technically, he was so old, I may have been using Mosaic at the time!


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