jQuery 1.4 Released / 14 Days of jQuery

jQuery logo: "Write less, do more."In case you hadn’t heard the news last week, the newest version of the jQuery JavaScript library, version 1.4, has been released! Even with the new features, it’s still tiny: the uncompressed development version is 156KB and the minified production version is a svelte 23KB when gzipped.

To celebrate this release, the jQuery folks have created a site called The 14 Days of jQuery, where they’ll post all sorts of supporting articles on the jQuery 1.4 for 14 days, starting on the day that was both the release date of jQuery and its birthday, January 14th. So far, they’ve posted the expected download links to jQuery 1.4 as well as a Q&A session with some of the jQuery team, a jQuery podcast with John Resig, a contest for the coolest use of jQuery, a presentation of how to get involved in the jQuery community and more.

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.

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Did not take the time to make a full jquery RIA (yet), but feels pretty sure that this framework is great. Much better of course than raw javascript, and maybe sexier even than its competitors.


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