TWC9: MIX10, Tweets from Your TiVO, Touch UI Gesture Icons and More

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imageThis Week on Channel 9, or TWC9 for short, is a weekly digest show hosted by Microsoft’s Dan Fernandez and Brian Keller covering the developer community news they find most interesting after sifting through hundreds of blogs, videos and announcements. It’s aimed primarily at .NET developers, but if you have any geeky tendencies at all, chances are they’ll cover something that appeals to you!

In this week’s episode, they cover the following topics, summarized in the handy-dandy table below:

Topic What it is or why it’s interesting
Mike Swanson’s MIX10 Recap MIX10 is going to be big this year, especially with Windows Phone 7.

Coding4Fun: Tweevo, a free, open source application to have your TiVo tweet what you’re recording

It’s nice to know what your TiVo is doing while you’re at work.
LINQ to SQL Profiler It lets you see the SQL being generated by your LINQ queries.

Silverlight 4’s TCP Sockets Video It’s part of Mike Taulty’s 8-part series on networking with Silverlight.

S. Somasegar’s Key Software Development Trends
(I covered it in this article)
It’s interesting to see what Microsoft’s brain trust sees as important, and it’s also good to see testing treated as a first-class citizen.

Gesturecons, a set of free icons to describe touch gestures For touch interactions, a picture is worth a thousand words.

System.Uri For URIs, you really should be using System.Uri instead of strings.

Code Project: How to Automate Software Using WPF UI Automation An underused but incredibly handy feature that lets you automate testing an application’s UI.

Mercurial Integration with Visual Studio A step-by-step guide to using CodePlex’s Mercurial integration inside Visual Studio.

How to Use Selenium and NUnit Together Selenium’s a good, free option for web app testing.

60 .NET Libraries Every Developer Should Know What, you’d rather not know?

Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit Dude! Augmented reality!

This article also appears in Canadian Developer Connection.