Anna’s Notes on “Landing Your Dream Job 2.0”

Anna lambert

One of our great Shopifolks — that’s my own little neologism for “person who works at Shopify” — is Anna Lambert (@alambzz on Twitter). She’s a summer intern, but you wouldn’t know it, as she’s sunk her teeth into the job with the intensity of a co-founder. She shares the front desk with Brittany Forsyth, our head of HR, and things at Shopify run that much more smoothly because of her hard work.

If you saw yesterday’s article on the OCRI smarTALK, Landing Your Dream Job 2.0, you know that I took copious notes at that event. (And if you haven’t seen it, and especially if you’re looking for work in today’s competitive environment, read my notes now!) It turns out that I wasn’t the only one taking notes: Anna was there too, and she distilled her notes into a nicely annotated — or should I say Anna-tated? — top ten list:

  1. Think to yourself: Can I add value to this company?
  2. Justify your claims.
  3. Think otuside the box.
  4. Reduce the risk.
  5. Get your name out there.
  6. Know your audience.
  7. Do research and get your facts straight.
  8. Form a relationship.
  9. Use social media tools to your advantage.
  10. Never use the infamous “to whom it may concern”.

Anna explains each of these points in greater detail in her article in her blog, Little Miss Shopify. Check it out!

This article also appears in the Shopify Blog.