DemoCamp Ottawa 16 Tonight! (June 29th, 2011)

democamp parliament hill

Creative Commons photo by Endlisnis.

You should think of DemoCamp as a grown-up version of “Show and Tell” for techies and creatives. Started by Canada’s very own David Crow as a way to bring Toronto’s then-hidden-away tech community out of the woodwork and talking to each other about what they’re working on, DemoCamp has spread to cities all over the world. I’ve seen firsthand the effect of holding DemoCamps: people have made friends, found work, discovered interesting projects, started collaborations and even landed VC funding. Great things happen when you gather bright, creative minds into a room to talk!

The 16th DemoCamp Ottawa takes place tonight! Here are the quick details:

I’ll be attending tonight – hope to see you there!

The Demos

The DemoCamp philosophy is simple: show us your project in action! Whether it’s complete or on the way there, we want to see a working application or device and be shown how it works, why you build it and what you hope to do with it. This is a technology demo, so it means no marketing – and especially no slides – are allowed. We just want to see your project in action.

There will be 5 demos at tonight’s DemoCamp, and they’ll all follow this format:

  • 2 minute introduction
  • 8 minute demo
  • 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion

Tonight’s demos are:

HIVE-secure – Human Intelligence Verification Engine

Presenters: Chris Ivey and Pierre-Olivier Charlebois

Forget CAPTCHAs.  Choose HIVE instead, and make your customer happy. 

Time Doctor

Presenter: Liam Martin (

Time Doctor is a collaborative to-do list to make you and your employees more productive. We are in open beta and would love to show everyone where we are and get suggestions on where we should go next.


Presenter: Grant Hall (

JetStreamHD brings all your home based media  (Movies, TV Shows, Home Video, Songs, Photos) to your iPad instantly over any 3G or WiFi wireless network.  We launched the app at Demo 2011 in California and are now ready to open our web store to ship the first production run to our customers.  This will be our final release candidate and we are looking for feedback and suggestions for new or missing features.

iWatchLife – Smart Video Security

Presenter: TBD

iWatchLife is a smart video security system that helps people watch their family, pets and property from any web-enabled device.  We launched officially in May 2011

Coin Collector

Presenter: Kyle McInnes (

Coin Collector is a demo version of a tablet-based showcasing tool we’re working on. Whether your customer is at a conference or in their livingroom, we provide a platform for you to showcase to them.

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