Google, Microsoft and Apple

Google v microsoft v apple

To use a quote from The Simpsons: “It’s funny because it’s true.” While Apple stuff is pretty neat, I sometimes get that feeling that they see all programmers who don’t work for Apple as barely-tolerated, not-really-trusted “fourth-party developers”.

This comic was created by Manu Cornet, the artist behind the comic org charts of the big tech companies.

Update (Thursday, July 7th, 2011): Wow, there’s a lot of butt-hurt going on about this comic. Remember: it’s the comic artist’s opinion, not mine, and secondly, for the Apple fans — you do know that I work at Shopify, which has more Macs on display than the local Apple store and my desk look likes this, right?

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Really? I guess that’s why they give you the best dev tools in the industry and a gazillion APIs to work with. Judging by the success of the App Store, I’d say that they’ve done right by at least a couple of developers.

wait, what? because you have to get your app approved? …that’s some BS right there

Absolute drivel. A cartoon drawn by somebody who hasn’t taken the time to even consider what he’s doing.

The final bubble for the google one should be “come and get confused by the total lack of coherence in the community” while the Apple one has totally missed the point that the level of documentation and the tools provided to iOS developers are really second to none.

No, I’m not a spotty fanboy, but a professional developer of over 27 years who really appreciates the work that Apple have put into their tools while seeing too much of a hands-off approach from google in the case of android.

It’s just a bit of fun, everyone should chill out a bit.

Apple are big boys, I think they can take a little roasting.

Oh wow, this is someone looking at front end gooey and product offerings, a fanboy rather than a developer.

Having developed for both platforms, I have to agree with so many of the above comments. Apple tries to control the product silo from production to market, and yes while it create a totalitarian look, it also creates a stable, usable product. They take pride in the applications that can take advantage of this product line, wouldn’t you do the same thing if you built an amazing hardware profile and operating system?

Google, who does not care about the hardware, creates a great operating system with no control over the hardware profiles or hardware manufactures. What you end up having is a mixed environment with great tools to create crappy applications that don’t compare to the Apple equivalent.

Android is not about dominating the smartphone market, Google has openly admitted this. Its yet one more layer in the global approach to getting more eyes on advertisements which fuels the core business model. How can you expect a platform who does not seek to be the best, to offer developers the best tools and environments, if they simply want users to be exposed to google ad words?

The above comments are funny. Phone app developers are like bloggers, they think their hobby makes them important.

Obviously you have to use some hyperbole, but it’s like the artist actually knows nothing apple’s developer tools. There are plenty of criticisms you can make against apple, but this isn’t even approaching the truth.

All right, even if it’s intended for a joke and fun, the comics totally not showing how Apple support their developers. Try to play around with Apple API and development kit, you’ll see how well documented they are.

Correction: I mean, for the one who create this comic should understand the a little bit about each environment, I know it’s for fun, but it’ll mislead non-developers.

Oh yes, the App Store. Want to sell mac apps? Apple takes 30% off of your sales. In return they, eh. Hmm…let you sell apps!

Sure, Apple’s developer tools are great.. If you have a Mac. Great “open source” they have there.

You can not even begin to develop on an Apple unless you pay them money money money… then once you sink a ton of time into your app they can ban it for whatever reason they want. Yeah, great system there.

I agree with this comic. Apple has always been self absorbed and never wants to let anyone in their playground.. it is why the PC was able to defeat the Mac in the business arena even though the Apple was a far superior product.

i dont think the comic is so much about the tools asit is about the general attitude the companies have with their consumers. but well.. also, Nerdy, why the hell do you feel that because you have a mac it makes you less of a jerk to the apple fan boys .. “oh apple sucks, but i have a mac so dont get angry at me …” pathetic

dude: Just providing context for my statements. I think you’ve mistaken genial for weak, a common mistake in these FOX News times. It’s easy to play “Internet Tough Guy” from behind a keyboard; I’m striving to be better than that.

Well i Think This is , Not much As A political Cartoon as it is much of a way to show how these Major Companies Really Are Through a Cartoon Perspective. It Is Very Interesting To See This Though I have to say. ” It is Very Funny Because it is true “. I Like it though none the less.

Apple fans, i want to say: is this your perfect application? “final cut pro x” hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yes, you only need to have a look at their honeycomb android source code… hey, wait it is not opensourced anymore…

Les: In return they put you on a marketplace with millions of users, giving you the opportunity to make a business with high profit working as an app developer. But keep thinking like that… because that means more market for us.

They’re all great companies – and I’ve tried developing for all three environments. The cartoon is spot-on (yes, especially with regard to Apple).

I’d put it thus:
Google says: “Come on let’s make a lot of money – but we’ll take 30%”
MS says: “Come on let’s make a lot of money – but we’ll take at least 51%”
Apple says: “Pay us more and pay us first”

Apple users here are butthurt deniers.

It’s like that Nine Inch Nails song, Happiness in slavery.

Mac products are great it’s the company itself that sucks ass and I shouldn’t even say products because there products are just overpriced versions of all the other products of the same niche. What Mac brings to the table and has always brought to the table is a stable and user friendly OS whether it be on the Mac Books or the iPad or an iPhone the OS’s are great (as long as you don’t want to do anything really serious with them in the way of actual computing or networking, but if you want to make your own music or videos or art than it is great).

These comments are obviously full of spoiled rich kids (or Mac Fanboys if that’s what you want to call them) who don’t realize that for the price you just overpaid for your Mac I could have built a Windows Box that would look like a super computer and then simply make it duel boot to Mac OS.

Just as the cartoon states Mac really only cares about the money and not the users, Mac Fans can rant all they want in opposition to that fact but all you have to do is compare mac to all the other companies putting out computers and you will see that in most cases you are paying 50% to 100% more money for a HDD with the Apple logo on it and it doesn’t do anything more than the HDD that doesn’t have it.

Buy what you want to buy and if you are happy overpaying for a product than by all means buy a Mac. If you want to actually get bang for your buck learn to computer and buy a regular Windows box and then install the Mac OS on it.


PC: Hi I’m a PC.

Mac: And I am a PC also but I have a bunch of over priced hardware and the Mac OS.

One Last Thing just so everyone knows, Mac crashes and has just as many problems as Windows does. I know there are people saying “I have a Mac and it has never crashed.” Well I bet I can find just as many Windows users out there that aren’t using the full potential of their computer that would say the exact same thing.

The Apple defenders seem to be stating facts. The fact being the cartoon attempts to derive humor from depicting a totally untrue situation. This gives the impression that the cartoonist either doesn’t know what reality is, doesn’t get it, or is deliberately saying something untrue. (ignorant, stupid or lying, in order).

If the cartoonist is upset at that observation, the cartoonist needs to be the one unwadding underpants.

Add a trite rant from an illiterate anonymous and you have all the makings for a great little stupid flamewar.

Put a sock in it, Crapple fanboys. Go ahead keep telling yourself whatever you need to make yourself feel better, you’re in denial. Just because they make their dev tools available, doesn’t make iOS open source. Can any person out there who knows how to code, go write and deploy iOS apps? Fuck no!

Definitely written by a Google fanboy. Google only uses open source as a publicity stunt. That’s why they are closed lip on everything they dominate in, like search, and go open source when they are behind the pack, like smart phones. They have no problem shutting down popular APIs without warning and destroying businesses left and right.

This comment thread made me realize that Apple fans are like Christians. You can’t make a joke about them without them lashing out.

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