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Have you been to Shopify’s App Store lately? It’s full of useful apps that extend the capability of your shop with all sorts of features to help boost sales, manage your business and better serve your customers. If you haven’t been there yet, point your browser at and see if there’s an app that suits your needs.

One of the apps available in the App Store is Want Button, created by Want, which lets your customers create “wish lists” and find out what other people…want. We talked with Want about their app and asked them some questions; we’ve shared their answers.

What does your app do?

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Simply put, the Want Button app allows storeowners to add wishlist functionality and see who has an interest in buying their products.

What are the key features of your app?

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The Want Button app has these key features:

Visibility. Users follow each other on Want based on shared taste in products. When someone adds one of your products to their Collection it’s broadcasted to the activity feeds of like-minded individuals.

Facebook. Want provides built-in access to the new Facebook automated sharing, giving every storeowner the chance for exposure on their shopper’s Timelines and Tickers.

Insight. Learn what other products and brands your shoppers have an interest in. This can help you select new inventory, shape design decisions, and create more appealing marketing efforts. Also find out visitor demographics and product sentiment.

Converse. Learn the context of why these individuals have not yet purchased – too expensive, sold out, no size available, different color choice, etc. Act on these contexts with meaningful communication. Offer discounts, sale alerts, restock notices, or any other creative and authentic propositions.

Why should shopowners use your app?

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t offer any kind of built in save for later or wishlist, which is such a marquee feature in the online retail world.  Any Shopify storeowner can now add this signature shopping characteristic in one-click and in the process, delight their visitors and keep the chances of a purchase alive.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Photo of GM Headquarters in Detroit

We were established in Detroit, MI. You’ll see us paying homage to the city and recognizing its culture subtly throughout the Want site.

We’re a small but dedicated team of programmers, designers, and thinkers who at the end of the day are trying to make sense of the emotional connection people have with objects.

We like to be very design-oriented in all aspects of the product from both an aesthetic and “how it works” standpoint. We love working with various designers from all over the globe.

A big shout out to Matthew Skiles for the logo/interface and Philipp Datz for the icons!

Where did you get the idea for your app?

Shopify has far and away the highest quality storefronts and product selections out of any ecommerce platform. Want is product impartial for the most part, but we definitely like to associate with unique, high-aesthetic items and storeowners who are passionate about what they sell.

Where can I find out more about Want?

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You can find out more about the Want Button app in the Shopify App Store.

You can also find Want online in these places:

This article also appears in the Shopify Blog.

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