Working with Unix Processes: A New Ebook by Shopify’s Jesse Storimer

working with unix processes

jesse storimerShopify developers aren’t nine-to-fivers who stop programming when the clock reads 4:59 p.m.. They’re the sort of geek who eats, drinks and breathes code, and when they’re not working on Shopify, they’ve got some interesting tech projects on the side.

Jesse Storimer is one of Shopify’s developers, and he’s just self-published an ebook titled Working with Unix Processes: Become the Unix Guru that Every Team Needs.

Here’s his explanation of what the book’s about:

Become a Unix guru without any C programming

You’re a modern master of Ruby. Want to impress your coworkers and write the fastest, most efficient, stable code you ever have? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Reuse decades of research into battle-tested, highly optimized, and proven techniques available on any Unix system.

This book will teach you what you need to know so that you can write your own servers, debug your entire stack when things go awry, and understand how things are working under the hood.

The ebook sells for $27 and includes the ebook itself, case studies of real world projects, sample code for a Ruby web server and unlimited updates for life. Get it now at

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.