Which Conferences Should Shopify Attend?

calling all conferences

The public-facing members of Shopify’s Apps Team — that’s Yours Truly (Joey deVilla, Platform Evangelist), David Underwood (Developer Advocate) andEdward Ocampo-Gooding (Developer Advocate) — are trying to reach more developers in 2012. We want to do this by getting out to as many developer conferences, meetups, hackfests and other similar gatherings as our travel budget will allow.

We’re looking into a number of upcoming gatherings, but we’re sure that you, the developers out there, collectively know more about what’s happening than we could ever find out. That’s why we’re asking: which upcoming conference should we, as Shopify’s representatives, attend?

The kind of gathering we’re looking to attend is either primarily aimed at developers or at least has developers as a significant chunk of its intended audience. Depending on the circumstances, we may simply go as attendees, sponsor the event, speak at it or even hold some kind of hackfest (and we do give out nice prizes — we’ve recently given away an iPad 2 at a hackfest and a MacBook Air for a developer contest).

If you’ve got a suggestions for something we should attend or even participate in,drop me (Joey) a line or leave a suggestion in the comments!

This article also appears in the Shopify Technology Blog.