Mobile Developer News Roundup for Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Iconoclast Labs pits PhoneGap against RubyMotion! They came up with an idea for a “magic 8-ball on steroids” app that provides its user with conversation starters and makes use of features such as databases, networking and so on. Then they implemented it twice; once with PhoneGap, once with RubyMotion. The winner? Well, it depends.

Ah, Windows Phone, the platform I used to evangelize. I really should see about getting my Samsung Focus replaced (Anthony Bartolo, can you help a brother out?).

There’s news aplenty for Windows Phone and WinRT developers:

Android app development and revenue are growing, says StartApp. 450,000 apps on Google Play with potentially thousands more from other places on 300 million Android devices with 850,000 being added every day.

IDC says that Android shipments will peak this year as mobile shipments slow, but they also predicted that Windows Phone will have at least 20% market share by 2015. An appropriately-sized grain of salt is recommended.

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