Hero: Lenovo’s CEO Distributes $3 Million of His Bonus Among Junior-Level Employees

Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing could’ve kept $5.2 million bonus for his company’s very good year, but instead he distributed $3 million of it among 10,000 employees in the “lower decks”: production line workers, secretaries and assistants. The bonus average out to about $314 each, which according to the the Fair Labor Association works out to about a month’s wages for the company’s employees in China.

In case this sort of neo-Bolshevik employee-coddling redistribution-of-wealth class-warfare hoo-hah gets your Rand hackles a-twitchin’, keep in mind that Yang kept over $2 million of his bonus, and his total earnings for last fiscal year, salaries, incentives and other goodies totalled about $14 million. He’s not hurtin’.

For actually living the principle of profit-sharing, we at Global Nerdy (well, it’s just me, but hey) salute you, Mr. Yang, with a filet mignon on a flaming sword!