Two Great Node Books at One Great Price: The Node Beginner Book and Hands-On Node.js

Covers of 'The Node Beginner Book' and 'Hands-On Node.js'

If you’re like me and have finally decided to see what all the Node.js fuss is all about, The Node Beginner Book by Manuel Kiessling is a great jumping-off point. In a set of programming exercises that take up barely half an afternoon (and that includes doing some deliberately slow reading and additional noodling with the code), the book provides a quick and easy introduction to building a simple web app with Node. It can’t possibly hope to cover everything with 69 pages of actual text, but if you’re reasonably competent with JavaScript and have at least a little web programming experience, you’ll find this book a pleasant, fun and quick introduction.

The Node Beginner Book is licenced under Creative Commons and is available to read free-as-in-beer online. If you’d like the book in an ereader format, it’s available in a nice bundle with Hands-On Node.js by Pedro Teixeira — an introduction to Node.js and an API reference — for as little as $9.99. You set the price (the minimum is $9.99), and you get both books in PDF, .epub and .mobi formats. Even though my finances have been drained by almost half a year’s funemployment, I decided to support the authors and send ten bucks their way. So far, it’s proven to be money well spent.


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