Save 75% Off IDEs and Developer Tools in JetBrains’ “End of the World” Sale!

JetBrains make really good tools —ReSharper was indispensable during my days at Microsoft, I find myself using AppCode quite a bit for iOS development and I’ve been meaning to get my paws on IntelliJ IDEA to do Android programming to make Java (ugh) a little more bearable and ditch Eclipse (double ugh).

"Weekly World News" cover talking about the end of the world using REM lyrics

JetBrains are taking advantage of the popular myth that the world is going to end tomorrow, December 21st, 2012 by having a sale that cuts 75% off the price of personal licences for the following IDEs and developer tools:

jetbrains tools

As of this writing, you’ve got a little over 13 hours to catch these deals. Get one of their tools today and make sure the End Times are also productive times!