The BYOD Baker’s Dozen: 13 things you should do if you’re implementing a “bring your own device” program at your company

the BYOD baker's dozen

Here’s a little goodie from my previous job that you might find useful. It’s The BYOD Baker’s Dozen, a “laundry list” white paper that I wrote in an afternoon for Rogers’ Managed Mobility Services, and it lists the 13 things that you need to do to help ensure that the Bring Your Own Device program that you’re implementing at your company actually works. Rogers now offers it in exchange for a little contact info and you can download it from them, or you can always go to my LinkedIn profile, where you’ll find it under “Chief Technology Officer, Comprehensive Technology Solutions / Top Right Corner”.

Here’s a quick summary of The BYOD Baker’s Dozen, which says that if you’re implementing BYOD at your company, do the following:

  1. Pick supported platforms first, then choose devices from those platforms.
  2. Require employees to lock their devices with passcodes.
  3. Enable device location, remote lock, and remote wipe on all BYOD devices.
  4. Use mobile device management.
  5. Increase your network capacity.
  6. Secure your network.
  7. Take inventory of all the devices on your network.
  8. Specify how BYOD devices will be supported by IT.
  9. Define approved apps.
  10. Consider cloud solutions carefully.
  11. Teach your employees about BYOD security, best practices, and how to make the best use of approved apps.
  12. Learn from your employees’ experiences with their mobile devices.
  13. Develop a mobile device policy.