White Paper: Five Best Practices for Communications Lifecycle Management

communications lifecycle management

Communications lifecycle management (CLM) is a set of practices and processes that lets managers, teams, and people from different areas of a business find, share, and use actionable information related to their telecom assets, services, and costs. When this information is connected to the business’ organizational information and processes and organized into clear, comprehensive reports, it becomes much easier to answer these crucial questions:

  • How can I forecast, budget and accrue my communications costs easily and accurately?
  • How can I get a good handle on all my telecom assets (lines and equipment) at each location?
  • How do I find out the true costs of these assets and if they are able to meet business needs?
  • How can I articulate best practices and cost control policies to everyone managing the domestic and international telecoms of my business — and measure their performance?
  • Could I save the business large sums of money by eliminating billing errors and instilling tactical processes around telecom vendor contracting and procurement?

Given the complexity of today’s wireline and mobile telecom environments, it’s essential to ensure that your business has an effective communications lifecycle management structure. Our latest white paper, written by GSG VP of Operations Mohan Sathe, defines communications lifecycle management, and describes in detail the five best practices that will help your business answer the tough telecom questions listed above.

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Download our white paper [4.5MB PDF] to learn about communications lifecycle management, getting better visibility into your telecom spending and assets, reducing costs, managing risks, and being better able to plan for the future.

this article also appears in the GSG blog